X20: Full Size Sample images at Fuji’s website


 photo fullsize_zps83064d31.png

image courtesy: Fujifilm

Quick post: 7 full size samples (JPEG’s from ISO 100 to ISO 800) are now online here at Fuji’s website.

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  • Bernie Ess

    The samples are not bad, but not revolutionary either. When looked at in 100% view, they show what is to be expected of a small sensor camera. Detail and dynamic range to not impress me too much.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/purecinema ChristianG

    Color and contrast looks very nice to me. The 100% crops are really quite mushy, but I’m supposed that’s to be expected with the sensor size.

    I’m surprised there are no other comments. What do you other guys think?

  • Ci-lee

    hmm, having sold my X10 in hopes to get the X20, I am a little concerned with the DR in these photos. I was hoping that by consolidating to one sensor tech, my workflow between the XP1 and X20 would be seamless, once LR Or Apple fully support that is…

    At least the higher ISO’s look good, which might mean we’d be able to pull details out via in-camera DR enhancement. Better yet, full RAW support in LR or Apple makes this almost moot.

  • http://www.modelmayhem.com/marcomercurio Marco Mercurio

    I think for a $600 compact camera the samples are great, its no OMD. It would be a great camera for vacation when u don’t want to lug a bunch of equipment around.

  • Billbo

    no RAW????, lol just kidding you guys don’t know RAW since 2010

  • http://www.peterwerner.net Peter

    While the lens looks beautiful and optically excellent to me, the detail rendering is extremely disappointing. It might all be a case of overly aggressive noise reduction, but that ISO 800 shot is just a mess at 100%. Dynamic range is also not impressive at all, you’d definitely have to expose to the left in high contrast situations and thus sacrifice shadow detail and risk noise in the midtones when bringing them back up. I know this is trying to compete with compact cameras, but I would hope that they would sacrifice resolution for image quality in a camera with ambitions like that. I’d rather have a 6 megapixel image with great detail and dynamic range than a 12 megapixel one that looks pretty much like my iPhone.

    That being said, I remember Fuji’s sample images being less than ideal and overly noise reduced in the past. I’ll wait for third party tests before jumping to conclusions. I just can’t imagine it being that bad even down to ISO 100. My guess is that even slight noise would cause more of a marketing problem for them than heavily blotched detail. But the dynamic range issue remains.

    I’d get this over most compact cameras for the ergonomics and the lens, but if the image quality lives up to the promises remains doubtful, and these samples are not helping much.

  • duo

    This is too bad. I had high hopes. Dynamic range is simply not there. Could be due to high contrast setting on camera though. Pixel level detail is also lacking. This looks worse than the competition. Not good news…

  • jason

    Wow, these look downright bad. I’ve been anticipating this camera and holding off on the G15, but based on these images I can’t see any reason to wait.

    Like others I’ll wait for some 3rd party reviews, but in the past the manufacturer’s images are usually top notch. Somewhat surprised this is what they put out there.

    Low dynamic range. The high ISO shots look like watercolors. Not to mention some pretty serious corner softness.

  • Giuliano

    mmmm, I expected much more… missing detail tipical of X-Trans cmos.. :-(

    very disappointing

  • werk_sk
    • http://www.peterwerner.net Peter

      Ok, so I guess that means we can all relax. Unless the X100s is far inferior to its predecessor in dynamic range, ISO sensitivity and detail rendering, those sample pictures are just badly overprocessed, for whatever reason.

  • http://www.sagi-k.com Sagi

    I think that if company invest so much in producing and marketing a new camera, the should invest a bit more and get a better photographer.
    Can’t tell nothing from such samples…

  • Bob G

    I agree with the comments that these look over NR’d. A quick look at the EXIF data doesn’t show an entry for NR but the manual says it’s user adjustable. The images I checked all had sharpness set at Normal. About half had exposure comp of +/- 1/3 stop.

    In case anyone’s interested, the X20 manual can be found at:


  • duo

    haha, yea i was going to say, WHO shot these terrible samples… They should hire Sigma photographers.

  • Billbo

    my blind friend can take better pics with a yashica during a blizard at night with a expired YKL-100.

  • delusion

    I won’t buy it because the most important thing (for me) is image quality. And the pictures on flickr that some users are posting these days doesn’t look better than fuji’s samples. X20 look as a X10 with info in the finder, a little better af, and a little more resolution. Nothing revolutionary
    RX100, to my eyes, shows more resolution, more detail in midtones (<— the most important factor for me) and better high iso.

    This time big sensor wins.