X100s and X20 expected availability at AmazonUS/UK and BHphoto + X100 deals


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A Fujirumors reader received two emails from AmazonUS with the estimated arrival date for the X100s and the X20.

X100s: We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on January 07, 2013: “Fujifilm X100S 16 MP Digital Camera with 2.8-Inch LCD (Silver)” Estimated arrival date: March 04, 2013 – April 25, 2013

X20: We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on January 08, 2013: “Fujifilm X20 12 MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)” Estimated arrival date: March 05, 2013 – April 30, 2013

BHphoto expected availability for the X100s is March 27 and for the X20 it’s February 28.

X100s preorders: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK (should be released on 18 February)

X20 preorders: AmazonUS (black / silver) / BHphoto (black / silver) / Adorama (black / silver) / AmazonUK (black / silver) (should be released on March 10) / ebayITA

X100 deals: You can now grab the X100 used, but in very good and like new conditions, for $700 at AmazonUS (see here). BHphoto offers the X100 for $1050 (click here). There are some interesting price drops on also at ebayUS, see them all here on slidoo.
X100s UK photo X100sUK_zpsb7169755.png


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  • kuishinbou

    It looks like they have designed a great fixed focal length camera in the x100s, and many are perhaps excited for it to arrive in stores this spring. However, the real question is, When are they going to introduce these features in a X-Pro 1/X-E1 replacement? The hybrid AF system will surely be a significant improvement and, because of that, it should be in their best interest to introduce it soon ~ why wait! The only thing that is holding many potential buyers, like myself, back from buying into the Fuji X-Series system is the AF weaknesses, and the new sensor should mitigate those weaknesses. Although I want an X-Series camera, I will not buy one until they introduce these new features in one; and, I am sure there are many other potential buyers that feel the same way.

    So, hurry up Fuji! Don’t play a marketing game on us! Introduce these new features in an interchangeable lens camera this spring, as people like me will not be satisfied until you do so! If you wait too long, there may be something better, which may result in a loss in market share ~ I have the money to spend, but you need to provide me with the camera!

    • tristan

      kuishinbou, I totally agree with you. Purchase now a Fuji X-Pro1 / X-E1 is very unwise.
      Besides, if the current X cams are renewed, the old ones are second-hand difficult to sell for a reasonable price.

    • Aleste

      I don’t think the successor for the X-E1 and X-Pro1 is coming anytime soon. Might as well get the X100s and then sell it, loose a little, and buy the X-Pro2 once it is out.

      • kuishinbou

        The X100s is too limited for me. Even on a photo walk I may shoot anywhere between a 35mm, 10mm, or 70 – 200mm. There is no way I will be buying a fixed focal length camera. That said, for someone that does not like ultra-wide or telephoto perspectives, the X100s will be sufficient; and the features in it should be fantastic.

        If someone does not need interchangeable lenses, the X100s is likely a better camera than the X-E1, which really isn’t a new camera ~ it is just a modification to the X-Pro 1 with minor changes.

        If they don’t upgrade the X-E1/X-Pro 1 with these new features, which is very simple to do, they would be very stupid. If they want to sell lenses, they need people to buy interchangeable lens camera bodies. The current ones have weaknesses that should be mitigated with the new sensor, which is stagnating their potential growth.

        If it was up to me, I would upgrade them immediately, similar to how Apple upgraded the Macbook/Macbook pros over time ~ new versions with better features. They don’t have to design a new camera ~ they just have to put the new sensor in the camera. If they don’t do so, people are just going to get fed up and move on. I have been waiting for nearly a year for them to provide a solid camera – love their innovation, but it is not there yet – but I will not wait another year, as I know they could introduce the upgrades now ~ it is not difficult!

  • Leontin

    But Fujifilm cannot specify releasing date????

  • Willbo

    How comes the UK gets the X100s earlier then everywhere else?

  • Billbo

    Because the Japanese hate the Brits less ;p