X-shooter zone: the Fuji X-system? “Pure fun and no compromise!”

The selection is done, the images are chosen, the X-shooter zone is complete.

If you have some X-shots and stories for us too, feel free to contact me via email. You can also share them directly at the FR-facebook wall.

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Lawrence Ripsher

Hey Patrick… It’s that time again! I’m back ! – this time with an X-E2 :)

A few first thoughts plus ten of my best at http://lawrenceripsher.com/post/69317862555/its-now-coming-up-to-1-month-since-my-fuji-x-e2

As always, feel free to share / embed images / etc. Keep up the awesome site !

“the camera [X-E2] feels faster [than the X-E1]. From turning on, to being ready for the next shot, to responding to controls. The X-E2 feels more, for lack of a better word, analog.

I shot micro four thirds for (E-P1 -> G3 -> OM-D E-M1) for several years with the best lenses the system had to offer and I always felt that that the micro four thirds system was the best compromise between image quality and size. But I also always felt it was a compromise. [...]

However, I now believe the Fuji X system is the new best balance of image quality and size. More importantly perhaps, I feel it’s no longer a compromise. The images I shoot with this system are every bit as good as I could possibly hope to shoot with any other system, and that includes my old Canon FF gear with L glass. [...]

[...] for me, in terms of image quality, portability, lens options, ergonomics / controls and pure fun, there’s a very clear leader now – Fuji. And at the top of the Fuji pile now sits the X-E2.

[admin: As a little X-mas gift to every FR-readers Lawrence decided to make the image of the footbridge available in wallpaper res (1920 x 1080) here. Download it at my dropbox here.]

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Lawrence Ripsher

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Ian Burrows


I have been shooting the X-Pro1 now for a year. I shoot almost all my work with the Fuji now and love it. The 18-55mm is an ideal landscape lens with the 35mm F1.4 still my preference for people.

I’m going to be using an X-E2 and 14mm shortly so I hope to generate some work with that combination.

Fuji X-Pro1 B+W Album

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Ian Burrows

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Hello Patrick,

I am a solely Fuji X-E1 user since day one and also a big fan of your site. Just thought that my artistic photos may inspire even more X shooters:

All images were taken in-camera, with my over 40-years old legacy M42 lenses collection.

Usually folks try to get sharp images showing a subject and my objective is to paint with bokeh, to focus on painting look and feel rather. Just another approach and only Fuji X-E1 allows me to achieve it. And I say that after over a decade of shooting with 6×6 and a whole Nikon SLR/DSLR system.

Once again, checking your site is part of my daily routine so please feed us all with more Fuji details.
And Rico’s Xperts corner is brilliant

Hope you like it and keep on doing your great job!

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Michael McQueen

Hey Patrick,

Long time follower of fujirumors.com and I love what you do. Keep up the good work! I am based in Australia and have just got my site back up and running as I have moved fully into the Fuji system.

I am currently 3 weeks out from embarking on a 4+ month journey to South America and taking my fuji’s along for the ride! Literally am taking them for a ride as I plan on riding a motorcycle around South America. Any way enough of the that, here is a link to my site that I have setup as a blog for my fuji experience and my journeys.


I hope you find my photographs worthy of sharing with your fuji fans! I hope to keep you posted and my fellow fujirumor followers! enjoy!

p.s I may have received possibly the first 23mm F1.4 in Aus pre release here and I hope to share some images real soon!!


Fuji XF 23mm: Amazon, Adorama, DigitalRev, J&R, B&H, eBay

Michael McQueen [Chile]

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  • Georg63

    Yet another X-E2 shot (lake short sunset) with very unnatural colours. WIth the Pro-1 or X-E1 it would have looked better.

    • Georg63

      “lake shore” that is….

      • Scott

        Looks right to me, Just before the sun rises colors and I have both cameras’s and they both shoot the same to me eye.

    • MJr

      I bet it’s raw, processed to taste, and the X-Pro and X-E would be exactly the same.

      • Surab

        That is exactly what I would guess.

        Sometimes I get the feeling that no picture is really natural because almost everyone does post-processing and often not only WB and sharpening stuff.

        But I am a novice, so maybe I just can’t imagine how to take some of these pictures almost OOC. :D

        • MJr

          That extreme vignetting isn’t Fujinon that’s for sure. :)

  • daniel

    Would love to know more about what lenses raf is using.

    • http://www.spacepirations.com Amnon Govrin

      Love Raf’s photos!
      These are the “stop pixel-peeping and start creating some art already!!!” photos.
      OK, the others are great too but this is so creamy and dreamy…

      • Raf

        Thank you Amnon, appreciate you like them.
        Indeed, moving to over 50 years old adapted vintage glass was an interesting experience. That was when the discussion about technical side of photography ended and pure joy of taking the shots started.

    • Raf

      Hey daniel, mostly older versions of Takumars 28 and 55mm 1:8 and Komine Vivitar 28mm. Sometimes modified (I removed aperture blades) Helios 44-2 does the trick depending on the subject. Usually I use my beaten old-school german bellows or when travelling sets of extension tubes are also handy. Most of the shots I like and decide to publish are handheld and… last but not least I never have any problems with AF ;)

  • http://500px.com/photo/54102740 Mauro

    I agree, x-system is a good system. I hope to see soon an x200 (FF 35 f1.4) and x-pro2 (ape-c) with organic.sensor…then I will sell all my canon gears :-)

  • Nippon

    x-system sure is a good system.. but lacks decent dynamic range, so there is still lot to do.

    • DTB

      Are you kidding? The X-Series cameras have very good dynamic range.

    • MJr

      Don’t know where you get that idea from, but the DR is up there among the best.

      • Nippon

        No it is not. Read tests. Fuji xtrans sensor has true problems with dynamic range.. especially in highlight area. Even Olympus em-1 with tiny sensor beats it.

        • Gerry

          Some people love to read tests, charts, pixel-peep, etc.

          Others like to create and/or appreciate beautiful images.

          Personally, when I see a great image I don’t wonder about dynamic range test scores (of the sensor that made the image) — especially if the image invokes an emotional response.

          To each his/her own, I guess.

    • EJPB

      The issue is that quite some sensors (including the Nikon D800 36,3MP I own) maybe give the impression to have a better dynamic, but the X-series has the same kind of excellent dynamic. The X-series output is a bit less saturated and contrast is somewhat flatter, detail is sometimes a bit buried by these settings, but if I start playing exposure/contrasts/shadows/mid contrast I’m always surprised how well the X ‘sees’ in the darker zones, with very little noise. I still have the impression quite a few people underestimate the true qualities the X-series or even don’t understand understand how to deal with some issues in post-processing. A perfect image OOC doesn’t exist unless in the point and shoot crowd, they don’t see the difference anyway.

  • Vlad

    Nice photos. Especially the black and white ones from Burrows.

  • Raist3d

    Happy to see Lawrence found a match for needs in the Fuji system after I introduced it to him ;-)

    I am going to keep my fuji xe1 or some heavy duty low light stuff but probably shoot more with my Q7.

  • http://www.lawrenceripsher.com Lawrence

    Thanks Patrick – glad to be contributing to such a great site!

    Hey Raist3d – you are indeed the person I have to thank for getting me over the line with regards to the Fuji X system. Thank you again, haven’t looked back since! :). Glad you’re keeping the X-E1 and still enjoying the Q7 !

    Re the comments about the colors in that sunset, I’ve been asked about this once before and am happy to share some details. This shot would have looked identical in the X-E1 (which I also own and had with me at the time). This photo didn’t get a lot of post processing – less than a minute in lightroom. The intense colors mostly come from a combination of unnaturally beautiful sunsets here in Seattle this past month (for this time of year), and the effect of two filters. I use a B+W ND 110 (10 stop) filter for long exposure which is known to have a warming effect. I also used a Cokin grad filter I which pushes the WB / color range more towards magenta hues – which I personally like for these scenes. If anyone is interested in any more details on this or any other images, or the X-E2, happy to share. Cheers!

    • Stephen McCullough

      Hi Lawrence

      Thanks for sharing your shooting and PP techniques. I think the key thing is your note “which I personally like for these scenes”.

      That’s what it’s all about. Your emotional connection to the scene. I hope you print this shot. It’s absorbing on a screen. In print it will be captivating.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/9253227@N02/sets/72157632628722939/ Ian

    Great to see all the amazing work that other X shooters produce. Some fantastic images in Lawrence’s set in particular. Thank you very much for sharing my work Patrick.