Rumor Update: X-20


X-10 price drop

This time the rumor comes from Vietnam, posted on mayanhjp.com (translated version).

– New EXR CMOS 2/3 14MP

– Fujinon 24-120mm F1.8-2.8

– continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second

– Full HD videos 1080*1920

– maximum ISO 12.800

– 460.000 pixel screen and optical viewfinder

– expected launch: January

So, this new rumor confirms what I’ve already posted on Fujirumors… and after Fan Fuji, now also this new rumor from Vietnam provides us with some more details.

No doubt, the X-20 and the X-100 replacement will come. And very likely they will be launched on January 7! Follow Fujirumors, I’ll continuously update my site. Follow us on twitter (click here), subscribe RSS feed (click here) and join us in facebook.

In the meantime the prices of the X-10 are dropping more and more.

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  • http://n/a Bora

    Specification looks ok accept 2/3 sensor. I was waiting for answer to Sony RX100 from Fuji.

  • mermadon

    La verdad es que promete mucho, pero la verdad, poseo una x10; no me compensa demasiado hacer el cambio. Vender la x10 para hacerme con una x20 no me supone un cambio evolutivo muy significativo, salvo la ligera ganancia en angular y tele, y tampoco es muy significativo pasar de 12 a 14 megas ya que la x10 rinde muy bien hasta 1600 iso. Bueno, solo es una opinión.

    • Ryan

      Well if you increase the sensor size you are most likely going to have to give up things when it comes to the lens. maybe giving up the 24mm wide angle. maybe giving up alot of speed at the long end. 2.8 @ 120mm is a pretty dang good spec. It will allow for a good amount of slim DOF. Also have the larger sensor could compromise the corners. It could make the camera to large.

      I personally think 2/3″ is a good compromise of IQ and having a camera with a fast lens.

      But who knows, maybe tech is good enough to have a 1″ sensor with a fast lens AND being able to keep the camera a decent size.

  • Martin

    Fujinon 24-120mm F1.8-2.8!!! thats great!

    • Ryan

      I agree….As long as the lens is very sharp, it will be a winner. 24-120 is perfect.

  • peevee

    Except slight although useful (hello, 24mm!) range extension, this X20 does not look like much of improvement at all. Still not quite up to RX100, but at least will beat everything else in its class. Should have been at least f/1.4 at wide end.

  • twmangrove

    Hello Fuji rumors. Thank you for creating this site.
    Regarding the X20, I’m with Bora. I was hoping for a 1″ x-trans for the X10 replacement. But I really like the X10 and think the rumoured lens upgrade is wonderful.
    I’m a bit disappointed in the LCD – Fuji is really falling behind the times with their premium compact here, big time.
    Another BIG hope of mine is a little more dust proofing, particularly of the OVF. I hope that’s an issue that will be addressed with the X10 replacement.
    Thank you Fuji Rumors.

  • Peter

    > Fujinon 24-120mm F1.8-2.8
    > new EXR CMOS 2/3″

    If these two rumors turn out to be true then I’ll buy one for sure.

    Yes, a 1″ sensor would have been even better, but this will do.

  • Ci-Lee

    Any confirmation about the previously mentioned filter-less design? Presumably AA filter right? If so, then the upgraded 14Mp EXR sensor along with the 24-120, 1.4-2.8 spec lens could more than overcome the Sony RX100 in terms of IQ, low-light, speed and even DOF (with the exception wide angle)

    • Ryan

      I think a 14mp Mini X-Trans sensor would be epic. I know that the post processing isnt quite there yet, but it will be by the time its released(via C1)! I think that would beat anything out right now(point and shoot wise) when it comes to noise control. a usable iso3200 would be beyond epic!

      I just hope for a max shutter speed of 1/4000 and a built in ND filter. keep the manual zoom and give some info in the OVF that will hopefully be more like 90-95%.

  • Sahaja

    Is this a 24-120mm lens – or a 24-120mm equivalent lens??

  • http://http.//www.modacycle.com Boris

    I am using a X10 very often and even doing professional fashion shootings and reportage with the small camera, as well as with my new X-E1. IMHO the only usable improvment would be an electronic viewfinder such like the X-E1.

  • John M

    I have an x10, it’s great camera. A 24 mm lens would be nice, if the lens remains sharp, An extra megapixel in EXR mode is appreciated. I don’t care if the sensor is the same size, there’s physics involved here and you’d lose lens speed if the sensor was bigger. I find the LCD perfectly satisfactory. A ND filter is a must really and I’d be disappointed if not fitted. (Not that I intend changing up, I’ve only had the x10 for a year and I’m very happy with it) I imagine too people would be happier if the filter thread size was standard. An electronic viewfinder would be great, and would make the camera outstanding, but if the visual view finder could be improved, this might suffice. I am sure the Sony is a great little camera, but the Fuji comes from a different stable, with more manual controls, manual zoom, practical viewfinder, hot shoe, and a much faster lens at the longer focal lengths. Fuji don’t need to emulate the Sony to achieve very good results that will please a lot of potential customers. .