FR-readers roundup: X-series podcast, colours of Africa, X-E1 + fisheye, full spectrum X-PRO1 and a Taiwan story

Piet Van den Eynde: “Hi Patrick, please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Piet Van den Eynde and I’m a Belgian freelance travel photographer and author of books on photography and Lightroom. I just came back from being a guest instructor on a workshop in India, led by travel photographer Matt Brandon. A longtime Canon user, Matt exclusively used his X-Pro 1, 18 & 35 mm on this workshop and I predominantly used my X-Pro 1, X-E1, 14, 18, 35 and 18-55 lenses on this trip. In this blogpost, you can see some of the shots we made during our Rajasthan workshop and there’s also an audio podcast where we talk about our experiences with the system (needless to say, they’re mostly positive). I think this might be interesting content for your blog (click here).”

 photo matt_brandon_1_X-Pro1_XF35mmF14-R_ISO-200_zps5b60a282.jpg

Olaf: “Patrick, Thank you for doing incredible work on your website. I keep sending a link to your site to everyone interested in Fuji cameras. My wife, Kasia Sztaba, just returned from Africa with some incredible imagery taken with the Fuji X-E1 and the XF 18-55 F2.8-4 IS lens. We just published the first set of images on our blog […]” See the colours of Africa through the eye of the X-E1 here.

“It wasn’t the usual touristy trip. She went to raw Africa with a group of women with whom she had worked to help women in Senegal over the last few years. Kasia documented the beauty of this continent along with its struggles. She saw human suffering but also tremendous and authentic joy and hospitality. And she captured all her experiences on camera.”


 photo c2a9ksztaba_africa_13-03-18_dscf2619_zps9168066f.jpg

 photo c2a9ksztaba_africa_13-03-22_dscf4126_zpsc14fe961.jpg

Toby: “I was at a local shop picking up a Samyang 8mm Fisheye for my Fuji and came across two new items from Kipon.  One is a flange distance adjustable adaptor for Leica to Fuji, the other a Nikon to Fuji Tilt/Shift adaptor. There are some photos on my Flickr if you want to check it out click here (Flickr)”


 photo fisheye_zps6b9b9b59.png

– Mark: “I just had my X-Pro 1 converted into a full spectrum camera. The benefits of course are being able to shoot IR more easily but a side benefit to full spectrum conversions that many people don’t know about is the nice black and white images you can get with minimal post processing (desaturate, black point and white point adjustment that’s usually it) plus the black and whites have a very, very black and white film look about them in the way the shadows are recorded. Check out my set on flickr (click here). Also here is a set of infrared shots from the camera as well (click here). Still trying to track down just the right enlarger lens and when I do I’ll also be doing some UV photography as well with my X-Pro 1. Not many places to my knowledge convert X series cameras to IR or full spectrum. I had mine converted at Kolarivision. The service is excellent and llija was fantastic at getting back to me with my questions. I don’t think that their website has the X-Pro 1 conversion listed yet (mine was the first they’d ever converted) but they’ll be offering the service for $300. Cheers Mark (markdphotoguy)”


 photo fullspectrum_zpse5223b97.png

Sean Marc Lee: “Hey hey! Just wanted to share with you that I recently shot a story here in Taiwan for The Wall Street Journal completely with the Fuji X-E1 and an X100 (click here)! keep up the great work! I get ALL my fuji news from you. -s. Sean Marc Lee”

Sean Marc Lee

 photo OB-WQ381_taipei_G_20130311004941_zps0366ddf5.jpg

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  • Michael Devitt

    The third photo, candid portrait of a woman is spectacular. The available light really works there. Thank you for this post, Patrick.

    • patrick

      You’re welcome! Thanks also to FR-readers who share their work with Fujirumors… and I agree, the image of the woman is wonderful!

  • http://www.bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.com/ Mat @ MirrorLessons

    Really enjoyed visiting these blogs, especially the two about Africa. It is one place we’d really like to go and shoot someday.

  • TDP

    The fisheye, adjustable flange distance adaptor and TS/E adaptor can be seen in this set:


    – t

  • gunzzel

    Best post ever, bar none- actual pictures of what the X-series does best- street and documentary in exotic locations. No pixel peeping BS and no comparisons with anything- just amazing talent all-round- of photographers and machines alike.
    Congrats and many thanks to all for bringing this to the X-Party. So inspirational.

  • john

    stunning pics stunning colors! sorry to say that i find it amusing to see those “produced” carelessly sticked gaffertape on the brandname screaming ” i am a professional photographer working i life threadning warzones”…..no pun intended :-)

    • http://www.morethanwords.be/blog Piet Van den Eynde

      Hi John, the fact that I stuck gaffertape across the top of the camera had nothing to do with wanting to imitate a war photographer but everything with wanting to keep my X-E1 in as good a condition as possible: I had both the X-E1 and the X-Pro 1 dangling off my neck (one strap slightly shorter than the other). Silly me maybe for wanting to keep my stuff in pristine condition, but nowhere near as silly as what you were inferring…

  • Olle

    You give so much to the fuji-community. You should so be paid by fuji for all the work you’re doing 😀
    Great finds. Love the blogs in this post. I still cant make up my mind if I should buy the x100s and let it ride along with my nikon-equipment or sell all of it (my wife will hit me hard in my face) and go all in xe-1/x pro1

    • patrick

      :) Thanks!

  • http://andreinicoara.com Andrei

    Wow what a great post! The two sites are great – amazing stories and great photographs. I agree with Gunzzel, this is what the Fuji cameras were made for.
    Thank you!

  • Alex

    What camera strap/cover is that in the picture of the man holding the camera towards himself?

  • http://www.seanmarclee.com Sean Marc Lee