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The X100s and the X20 are the hot cameras of the moment. And with all the new features inside these cameras, the X-E1 seems already to be old (I hope that a firmware update will bring focus peaking also to the X-E1 / X-PRO1). But just click on the review section at Fujirumors, and read the X-E1 reviews: “the closest thing to perfection”, “for everyone who celebrates photography” and of course the great riflessifotografici review (translated version)… we are talking of an amazing camera.

So, just take a look at this 10 minute enthusiastic review at DigiDirectTV. How the speak without taking breath and put as much information as possible in 10 minutes! :-)

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Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

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  • scylos

    I think one would be silly to buy the X-E1 now, while knowing that a new breed of sensor is out.

    Especially when it comes to focusing legac glass, focus peaking and the split screen makes a big difference.

    This is not the case for the X100, as the old X100 needs these features less. It is also priced very reasonably, so it fills in nicely in the current scheme of things.

    The ones I truly feel sorry for are the X10 buyers, if they waited 1 year Fuji would get it right. The X20 seems to be too good to be true.

    • bernd

      when you’re ok with waiting another half a year for a x-e2 or something, then yes, don’t buy an x-e1 now.

      sure, it can’t do pdaf and show the split image focusing aid. and it’s quite possible that focus peaking might not be added in a firmware update…
      but when you recognize for what the x-e1 is right now, there’s nothing wrong with buying one.

    • Rich

      Don’t feel sorry for us X10 buyers! I think a years worth of use of a great little camera, and a year’s worth of captured memories is better than the price of selling the X10 and buying an X20 – and that’s only if you plan on doing that!

      The X10 is still a superb camera, no matter how many more come out in it’s place, and the same will be true of the X20, X30 and so on…

    • SZRimaging

      I wouldn’t feel sorry for X10 owners. I just bought mine a couple of weeks ago, and it’s brilliant! Traded my m43 gear for it, and not sad one bit.

      I think Fuji is doing a lot of things very right at the moment. And as soon as someone (Capture One?) can get the processing of those x-trans sensors exactly right, it’ll be amazing. I’m now leaning towards ditching my Nikon for the Fuji system…

    • KM

      About the X10: I totally agree with Rich – I bought a brand new X10 mid december 2012 at a pretty good price (EUR 430 – France) as both our SLR and compact cameras started to die (after more than 5 years of satisfaction). And this little X10 has already paid for itself for the nice/excellent pix I/my wife have been able to take of our daughters and relatives.

      About the X-E1: I have been turning around this camera for a couple of months now, hesitating between moving to Fuji or just buying a new SLR body. My decision to buy this X-E1 + 35/1.4 was almost made when I read the new X100s features about the new sensor/autofocus things. I am not one of these guys who never buy because they always postpone for a better gear, but this time I am really hesitating as the leap seems more than a minor enhancement.

      • scylos

        It is not about postponing to get a better camera – those features are CRITICAL…

        Lots of people went on and bought a sony NEX because of X-Pro1 & XE-1 lacked them, myself included.

        Just because you do not use them, it does not mean that other people don’t.

        These cameras look like they are built for legacy glass but sadly the experience was lacking.

        Focus peaking at least was a must.

        Anyway, my 2 pence.

  • One More Thought

    There is no doubt that the X-E1 is already a fantastic camera, but the X100s does point to the fact that the XE1 will be updated, probably this year, with the faster AF, the newer sensor, focus peaking, etc….